Personal Income Tax

personal tax returnsThinking of filing your Taxes using online or off-the-shelf software? You can.....but the Do-it-Yourself option is not always best.  Unless your situation is extremely simple, you may be missing out on valuable tax savings by trying to do things yourself.

We offer you peace of mind knowing that your personal taxes have been professionally prepared and filed on time so that you pay the least tax possible.  We also stand by you in dealing with Canada Revenue Agency should your return ever be reviewed or audited.  No online software can do that.

If any of these situations apply to you, we welcome you to contact us for a confidential, no obligation assessment.

  • Self-employment/small business
  • Purchase or sale of investments or real estate (other than your home)
  • Retirement/ pension income
  • Death of a family member
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth of children
  • Children in college/university
  • Change in employment or starting a new business
  • Moving expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Purchase or sale of rental property
  • Foreign employment or investment income

We want ensure you receive the best tax advantage possible. Plus, if you have business or investment income, our fees are tax deductible.  We offer personal service that no online tax software can provide. Feel free to call us today.






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